Sometimes, ideas just need an outside point of view. Think of my 60-minute Strategy Sessions as just that – an outsider’s perspective and an introduction to my five-step process to achieve success.

We’ll work together one-on-one, on a one-off basis, to develop tips and tricks that will get you – and keep you – on the road to results.

In this type of session I can provide feedback on existing strategies, help you identify challenges and opportunities, or launch the development of your action plan. These bite-sized sessions are dictated by you, with your goals and ideas in mind. 


Need to dig a little deeper? This 90-day package offers you customized strategies and tangible plans to help develop, refocus or enhance your business, career or personal life. (Shorter plans are available based on your needs.)

The 90 days we spend working together, one-on-one, are about taking small steps every day to bring your goals and ideas within your reach. Just think how much you can accomplish!

(I also realize that life happens, which means there could be obstacles that get in the way, but we'll work through those together.)

This retainer-based service begins with a strategy session (or two) to create your action plan, then moves into taking action, keeping you on track and celebrating your success. It includes weekly Reality Checks as well frequent check-ins as your accountability partner.

Together, we will troubleshoot, problem-solve and create action plans that will create results for you.

In addition to achieving your goals and ideas, you will be able to walk away from this experience with:

  • the clarity and focus to know exactly what you're working toward
  • the determination to keep moving forward
  • self-discipline to stay motivated and on track
  • more confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • the ability to stay organized so you don't lose your focus
  • a feeling of empowerment as you realize your success


I also offer a variety of project management services for small business – from training sessions and workshops to launching new products or services and developing business processes.