Within Reach


Within Reach outlines five steps that will help turn your ideas into reality. Along the way, I offer useful tips and encouragement to keep you moving. Your ideas don’t need to stay in the clouds. Within Reach will show you how success is within your grasp.

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What's in the Book

You know what you want and you can visualize the result. The ideas are there, but the details are daunting. Within Reach is your easy-­to-­follow guide to make your ideas happen. Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or professional, Within Reach provides a framework to keep you organized and on track. This book will help you see a project through and show you how easy it is to bring your ideas to life.

The Within Reach framework will help you to:

Evaluate your ideas, making them specific, measurable and achievable

Take an idea and create an action plan--a living document

Break down your idea into smaller tasks and identify potential obstacles along the way

Budget your time, money and resources in a clear and concise manner

Take action and start a journey that turns your idea into reality


Reviews of Within Reach

Be Inspired to Make Your Action Plan
"As soon as I started reading, this book had me inspired! It is set up in a fun manner. Each clear step taken leads to the next, allowing the readers to take action to have their ideas become reality!"  - June D.

Must Read for New Business Owners & Dreamers Alike
"This is such an easy read and a fantastic resource for any kind of project! The steps are clear, easy to follow and laid out in terms anyone can understand. The whole book is fabulous start to finish but I think the real genius is the last chapter when you truly realize how easily project management can be understood when an expert makes it accessible. This is a must read for new or struggling business owners and for anyone who has a dream they'd like to make reality!"  - Amazon Customer

Loved it! Very helpful as an entrepreneur as well...
"Recently finished the book. Loved it! Very helpful as an entrepreneur as well as insightful for every day life."  - Samantha