3 Important Questions

There are three important questions you need to keep in mind as you work towards achieving your idea or goal:

1. WHY?

To help you to clarify your purpose, ask yourself: “Why do I want to achieve this particular idea or goal? Why is it important to me?”

If you feel stuck or notice yourself drifting off course, why aren’t things going as planned? Maybe you’re avoiding certain tasks. If so, why?


As you do regular check-ins, or Reality Checks, you may discover that you haven’t done something you planned to do. Ask yourself, “why not?”

Identifying the reasons behind any setbacks can help you make course corrections so you can continue moving forward.

3. HOW?

Once you’ve formed a clear picture of your idea or goal, you might be wondering, “How am I going to make it happen? How am I going to overcome any obstacles along the way?”

(Well… by creating an action plan!)

Asking yourself these three important questions will give you the best chance of successfully achieving your idea or goal.