Just like you, I am a small business owner with big dreams.


At the start of my career, I dreamed of building a business that helped people.

I had big ideas and a great deal of determination, but – unfortunately for me – lacked the benefit of a professional mentor to guide me in realizing my potential.

I worked for over a decade in a variety of industries including aviation, law enforcement, social services and community development, in a variety of jobs I eventually grew out of, and spent many days listening to those around me talk about wanting to better their situation. I wanted the same thing, but instead listened and watched as they sat idly by.

Today, I am thrilled to own a business that helps entrepreneurs and developing professionals take the leap and make the changes they need to achieve whatever success they long for.

While I have a Certificate in Project Management (Honours) from Red River College and am a member of the Project Management Institute, my expertise has grown primarily out of networking with small business owners and extensive research into this unique sector of the professional world.

That insight translates into services as unique as the clients I serve: strategies and action plans tailored for you, crafted by someone who knows what it’s like to be in your shoes.

Let’s work together to help you fulfill your big dreams.