My insight. Your success.


Ideas are the basis of any good business. But ideas can only take you so far.  


Small business strategist Heather Jayne Klassen can help you move from concept to outcome and realize the potential your ideas hold.

I work with business owners to identify needs and implement changes – from launching new products and services to developing administrative processes – that have big impact on small organizations. 

If you need a little business boost, whether you’re a lone entrepreneur or the leader of a small pack, I am here for you.

With my insight, you can realize success. 


Your Ideas Are Within Reach

All of us have ideas we would love to make happen. The challenging part for many of us is getting started. With the right tools and techniques, you can turn your ideas into reality.


Build Your Action Plan

Are you ready to start turning your ideas into reality? I have created a series of worksheets to help you build your action plan for success. These worksheets will help you to stay focused as you start working on your ideas, from defining your SMART idea to celebrating a successfully completed project.

Need some help getting started? I offer a variety of services to get you moving in the right direction.